Logoss the City of Whispers

Logoss is ostensibly known as the City of Whispers because it is the home of the Argent Senate and the sheer volume of words spoken in that august chamber over the centuries are reported to continuously echo in a low murmur from the stone walls of the city. In truth it gained this name because it has quickly become the preferred marketplace of shifting political alliances and whispered promises of favors and back room deals. Almost every rumor from across Faerun is repeated or originated here as some group seeks to advance their pet causes.

Major structures or districts of Logoss include

1 – The Argent Senate

2 – Embassy District

3 – The Colleges of Magic and Technology

4 – The Library of the Realms

5 – The Tower of the Implere

6 – The Sepulchre of the Thousand

7 – The Holy Quarter

8 – The Orpheum

9 – Bazaar of the Bizarre

Logoss the City of Whispers

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