The Implere

The Implere are named after the ancient Khadish word meaning tool or implement. Over time this word has also come to mean to put a plan into action or to fulfill a promise or contract. All of these definitions describe the role of the Implere.

The Implere are the eyes and the ears of the Argent Compact gathering information as they roam Faerun. They are the feet on the ground that carries out the duties of the Compact, whether it involves teaching a farming community to plant a more bountiful hybrid of grain, attending a newly crowned King’s coronation, working with the ORR investigating recently uncovered ruins of a lost civilization, or fighting directly against the forces of evil that threaten the peace of the countryside.

The Implere are also the most visible symbol of the Argent Compact. Most of the people of Faerun will never see their nation’s Senators or visit the Whispering City but almost everyone has seen a group of these heroes as they travel across the realm in performance of their duties. Because of this the Implere have to adhere to the highest levels of personal conduct. While their dress may range from simple worn traveling cloths to the most exquisite finery depending on the situation, an Implere will always act with integrity, grace and good humor.

Organization of the Implere

Becoming an Implere

Life as an Implere


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