Argent Senate

The Argent Senate

The Argent Senate is a deliberative and policy setting body of ambassadors from the 35 member nations of the Compact. Each nation has 2 Senators, one junior and one senior member of their delegation. These Senators are surrounded by numerous counselors, visiting trade delegations from their home nations, and various petty nobility and hangers on looking for a free lunch.

When Aramil first called the nations together in DR 1220 only nine nations responded by sending representatives. These nations agreed to form the Argent Compact at that meeting and have become known as the Council of Nine. These nine nations are,
  • The Silver Marches
  • The Dale Alliance
  • Cormyr
  • Aglarond
  • Rashemen
  • Amn
  • Calimsham
  • Chessentra
  • The Great Rift

As the Senate was enlarged as more nations joined, The Council of Nine reserved a veto power for itself on any resolution passed by the larger Senate. A successful veto vote requires at least five of the Council of Nine to join together in opposition to the proposed resolution.

Some nations still have not joined the Argent Compact either out of fear, lack of political organization, or a decided lack of interest in any form of government. The xenophobic Red-Wizards of Thay have shunned all suggestions that they join the Argent Compact just as they discourage any contact with the strangers outside world, any number of barbarian tribes in the icy north might be interested in joining the Compact if only they could ensure it was their tribe that was in control, and the nomadic Wemic denizens of the Shaar in the south have no interest in any form of government.

Non Voting Delegations

Every interest group across Faerun realizes that the Argent Compact can be friend or foe to their own agendas. Even the insular Red Wizards realize that it is a power center to which attention must be paid. Almost every trade group, major religion, and non member nation (including delegations of drow and dueregar) maintains some sort of presence in the Whispering City trying to influence the actions of the Argent Compact. This presence extends to secretive thieves guilds and other clandestine groups as they attempt to uncover the secrets of other groups and sow rumors designed to benefit themselves.

School of History, Etiquette, Trade and Dialog

The Argent Senate in conjunction with the Academy of Faerun runs a school to train individuals that are diplomats, trade representatives, and historians all at once. The mission of these individuals is to join with people in powerful positions across Faerun and head off disagreements before they expand into larger conflicts. Only the most qualified students are sent to this specialized school and graduates of this school are highly sought by kings and merchant barons for their wise counsel. Upon graduation students don the symbol of their office, an azure blue stole which covers their shoulders and drapes down their chest to the hem of their robes. Graduates of this school will never cover their face or hands as it interferes with their ability to read the body language and facial expressions of their negotiating partners.

Argent Senate

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