Academy of Faerun

Academy of Faerun

The Academy of Faerun was conceived as a bastion of knowledge that was designed to gather lost lore and create new bodies of knowledge, house that information and keep it safe from being lost and distributing that knowledge back to Faerun in the case of a cataclysmic event. The Academy of Faerun is organized into three major academic bodies,

The Colleges of Magic and Technology

The Colleges of Magic and Technology share a campus in Logoss bisected by a small river that winds its way toward the Sea of Stars. On one side are the lofty towers where instructors devise new and more powerful spells, decipher scraps of lost incantations from faded tomes, and teach students the proper and safe use of magic. Each school of magic (Abjuration, Evocation, etc…) is housed separately in one of eight brightly colored towers. On the opposite side of the river lies a series of functional and unadorned workshops ranging in size from a single 10’x10’ room to a single enormous space able to hold an entire jousting tournament four stories high all filled with machines giving off waves of heat and the scent of ozone. Here grease stained instructors teach students how to craft machines of wonderful energy and power that can be used to better the lives of citizens across Faerun. The School of Technology also contains classrooms dedicated to teaching any academic subject that lie outside the boundaries of the magical realm.

The Colleges of Magic and Technology are strange bedfellows in Logoss. The magicians sneer at the lack of sophistication and abstract thinking of their blacksmith hammer wielding brothers and the technologists can’t resist pulling the snobbish magic users down to the level of the common man and woman toiling in the field. Very few of the faculty on either side realize that only together can they reach their maximum potential.

The Library of the Realms

The Library of the Realms is an enormous stone edifice that grows up, down and sideways every year as more and more volumes of information are brought to Logoss. The Library of the Realms is the definitive scholarly resource in Faerun and attracts visiting scholars from every corner of the world. Access to the Library is guarded with an almost religious zeal and woe to the student or scholar found in a restricted area. The Library has a system where books are brought to the individual rather than the individual wandering the labyrinth like stacks. Most of the time these books are consulted and returned to the stacks within hours. Private reading rooms line the larger public reading rooms. these rooms can be requested by scholars doing extended research. These individuals can keep books for days upon end so long as the room is locked whenever the scholar leaves the room. On very rare occasions tomes may be removed from the library. This is done only in very unique circumstances and only with the approval of the Chief Archivist.

The Office of Recovery and Return

If there is any place where the line between the academic and practical missions of the The Academy disappear it is in the Office of Recovery and Return. The ORR is dedicated to excavating the ruins of lost civilizations and recovering lost knowledge, disabling magic traps, weapons, and devices that might pose a threat to Faerun, and returning excavated artifacts to the Academy for further study. The ORR attracts scholars that can’t stomach a life of standing in front of a slate board all day while they ponder the slight permutations of some spell for a dozen years. The ORR attracts the restless and thrill seekers from across the Academy.

The less publicized mission of the ORR is the creation of distributed libraries across Faerun to place information within easy reach of all nations. more importantly the ORR creates these libraries so that all of the knowledge in the Library of the Realms isn’t contained in one basket. This plan is designed to protect against a tragedy destroying the main library in Logoss.

Academy of Faerun

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