Amber Moondancer

Moon Elf Druid


Amber is the daughter of Lilly and Raven Moondancer. Lilly is a cleric of Mielikki. Her husband Raven is a ranger and helps escort caravans through the High Forest. Lilly taught her daughter about herbs and herblore when Amber was just a young child. She had the amazing ability to remember the herbs as soon as her mother showed them to her. The Moondancer family is part of a small nomadic tribe of moon elves that live in the High Forest. The tribe moves around the territory between the Star Mounts and the Lost Peaks. All of the women in the Moondancer family have been clerics. Until now. The goddess Mielikki had other plans for Amber.

As soon as she could walk, Amber would wander off and spend hours alone in the forest. She began bringing injured wildlife back and asking Lilly to help her “fix” them. The day she found an injured mountain lion cub would change her life forever.

Within her head she heard a name, “Whisper”, the name of the mountain lion cub that would become her constant companion. Mielikki had shown Amber that her path of service would be to guard and heal the natural world as a druid. Lilly realized that Amber would need training that she could not provide and has sent her with some trusted friends to discover her destiny outside the High Forest.

Amber Moondancer

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