Tillian Eries



Tillian Eries is a woman from the tropical land of Calimsham in her late 20s. She stands 5’4”, has dark bronze skin, black hair, and gray-blue eyes which are unusual in the southlands. She favors plain serviceable clothing in muted colors with little adornment. The only jewelry she wears is one twisted bronze circlet around her right wrist.


For most of her life Tillian lived with her grandparents, Aria and Puhle Feld, in Calimsport. She spent her days downstairs in her grandfather’s clock and lock shop, fascinated at the way the mechanical pieces fit together. Her grandfather was delighted to have someone so interested in his trade after years of trying to get his own children interested. The Feld business gained an even better reputation as Tillian grew old enough to become a real apprentice. Her hands were long and delicate and if not for her fascination with all things mechanical she might well have become a musician of great renown. Instead she became a skilled clocksmith but truly became a master of producing and fixing locks.

Rumors regarding Tillian’s past and how she came to become a member of the Argent Compact have linked her to everything from demons to shadowy thieves in every corner of Faerun. The truth is both more and less interesting than these rumors.


Tillian can be very charming when she wants to be which is rarely. She is single minded to the point of ruthlessness. She looks as if she could have been pretty once but now her attractive edges have been sharpened so that she has more of the look of a predator. She is intelligent, is fascinated with mechanical things and has a strong fondness for cities. She is proficient in the wilderness but not comfortable. People in the Argent Compact describe her as reserved but very competent. Tillian has few close friends and no long term lovers. She has a hard time letting people get close to her and in private would admit that only her grandparents are close to her.


Tillian is proficient with the shortsword and is even more proficient with the curved dagger she carries. She generally does not like to wear heavier armor as she finds it too constrictive. She is highly skilled in picking locks and making locks. She also has some skill in creating traps. She is a fine musician and her favorite instrument is a small harp that she will play on rare occasions and almost never in front of other people. Tillian has an excellent eye for gems and can barter with any shopkeep in any city. She has been trained to survive in woodland and hilly terrain but is not very good at it. She has learned to bind small wounds over the years but is not a doctor by any stretch. She has become proficient and leading small groups of people in tactical settings and has a keen mind for anticipating enemy actions. Tillian knows how to communicate with the underbelly of a city and always feels at home amidst the clusters of houses.

Random Fact

Tillian loves the snow! For someone born in one of the hottest parts of Faerun the concept of snow and ice is endlessly fascinating. Strangely enough the cold doesn’t seem to affect her as much as other people.

Tillian Eries

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