The Argent Compact

To dance or hide?

Dear Mother,

After some rest, we attended our next class. Our instructor was an old woman named Madam Gotrix. She led us to a mirrored ballroom and my heart sank when I saw that it was filled with people. She said this was going to help us learn etiquette and dancing. Oh how intimidating it was to me but for dear Morgan she was in her element. It was probably the longest few hours in my life. Poor Adolamin was intimidated as well and accidentally insulted a young woman when she asked him to dance and he made no reply at all. Her brother came over and wanted to fight because of the slight he had made toward her. They came out on to the balcony where a gentleman named Felix was trying to help me learn about fancy dining practices in the court. We managed to avoid a fight but by then I was weary and asked the others if we could find Madam Gotrix and seek permission to leave. She had us meet in a small room and told us how she thought we had done. She was very angry at Adolamin and wanted him to understand that fighting was not the only thing that the Argent Compact was about and that we had to learn how to behave if we were ever sent to a lord’s court.

As we were leaving Adolamin confessed that he was having some sort of physical problem. When he showed us, it was truly amazing. He had 2 strange holes developing in his chest and the tissue around them seemed to be pulsing. A clear liquid was draining from them. He said he’d gone to a “street healer” who could do nothing. We knew that Master Gorum needed to be told especially when Adolamin said it had started around the time we had gone to Riddleport. Master Gorum seemed to be as baffled as we were. He recommended we take him to the wizard towers and seek Professor Distall. He inspected the holes and thought it might be some sort of natural development. Since Adolamin is descended from an abberant, no one really knows what might happen as he matures.

A very long day of learning and an adventure of a different kind.

Love, Amber



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