The Argent Compact

My journey to the Academy

Dear Mother,

This has been quite a learning experience. Here’s an idea of what has been happening since I left.

First, as you know, a man named Devlin Hargath led the caravan that picked me up. There were several people traveling in my wagon. I’ve gotten to know most of them and trust those people with my lives. Let’s see in the wagon there was Burgle Diamondeye, a sweet well-intentioned gnome. A vile tiefling named Valamanar, who I’m sure will cause further trouble wherever he goes. A nice cleric of Selune named Oriana, an interesting human with a lot of names, but we call him by his first name, Sahir. A very strange little halfling named Adolamin. I thought at first he needed healing because he had a green coloring about him, but I guess that’s just normal for him. And then the last one was a little half-elf girl named Morgan.

As we traveled in the caravan we got to know each other a little bit. The caravan made many stops to either drop candidates off that didn’t pass through the Argent’s tests, or other new candidates like us who were traveling to take the tests. One evening as I was wondering the edges of the camp, I saw some tracks and followed them. In some dark ruins I saw a camp of Goblins! I went back and told my wagon what I saw. We decided to investigate it. We were young and rash and didn’t tell our caravan leader where we were going. We managed to kill 4 of the 6 goblins, but 2 ran off. I must say Mother, young Whisper truly is coming into his own as a fighter. In the goblin came we found a small box with vials in it stamped “Smithfield Trading Company”. Have you ever heard of this company? We brought it back to the caravan and told Devlin what we had found. He told us it was exceptionally dangerous and we were not to say anything more about it. I think he was mad that we had done such a careless thing as go off and fight without telling him.

As we continued on our journey, Burgle attempted to teach Oriana to dance. I don’t think he was very successful. We could all see he was very smitten with her. I’m not sure if he was trying to help Oriana but Sahir sort of goaded a fight between Burgle and Valamanar over Oriana by telling Burgle that Valamanar had made advances toward Oriana. Later we found poor Burgle beaten in some rocks. We were sure that Valamanar had a couple of his ruffians do it, but we had no proof. I tried to have Whisper track the scents in the area but it was too confusing since we’d all been through there.

As we approached the Desert of Anauroch, a sandstorm was building up. This frightened me quite a bit Mother. I’d never seen so much sand or so little dirt, plants, and trees before in my life. As the storm raged we were led to some ancient ruins by some dwarves of Selune. They were very mysterious and I don’t really know how they found us. While the caravan seemed to sleep, they led my small trusted wagon group through a portal to an Arab town. Oh my, Mother, it was so big! There was an amazing marketplace with so many merchants. I’ve never seen the like before. In one booth, we saw what I think was an efreet. He was selling bottles with souls in them. It was very saddening to see such things. Sahir was sure that he had seen his sister in one of them. We traveled to a Temple of Selune. There they told us that they had our names in history records and we saw a marvelous stone on an altar. We had traveled back through time when we stepped through that portal. We went back and watched the efreet. Sahir was determined to find a way to free his sister. When the efreet closed his shop we saw that he used magical locks and a large brass key. We thought that the key must have something to do with freeing Sahir’s sister so we followed him to a tavern. Adolamin tried to drug his drink, but that didn’t work. While the others debated what to do, I followed him out of the tavern. I had Whisper track his sent through the streets and it led to a brothel. I figured he’d be busy so we managed to track him to his rooms and while he was occupied, I stole his clothes. I figured the key must be in them somewhere and rather than look through them there, and risk being seen, I just grabbed all of them and went back to my group. I know Mielikki will forgive my stealing as it was for the greater good in stopping this efreet’s use of souls. Within his clothing we found 11 vials, 9 of which were empty, the large brass key – which I put in my bag, a tarot deck, some money, and a very strange cube of amber with an eye in it. It was very disturbing so we put it one of the shoes to cover it up. We headed back through the portal to check on the caravan. They seemed to be under some sort of sleep spell. I thought perhaps the vials we’d found earlier might be the cause, so I sniffed one to see if I could decipher the plant material used to make it. Oh Mother, I think that was a horrible mistake because I dropped it and ran off into the desert. Apparently when I dropped it the others smelled it as well. We did such crazy things while under it’s influence. Poor Whisper killed one of the donkeys used to pull the wagon. Luckily the effects wore off quickly. We told Devlin that a wild animal must have attacked the donkey. I fear what he might have done to Whisper had he known the truth. Sahir and Oriana decided to stay behind when the caravan made ready to leave the ruins. I think they wanted to try and dig down to where the Temple must have been under the sands since it had been the past while we were there. I think they were trying to retrieve the stone. They told us later when they caught up with the caravan at an oasis (riding strange giant scorpions) that clerics of Selune caught them trying to dig and were very angry at damage they had done to the roof of the Temple as they dug down.

The caravan continued without any more distractions to the port town of Ramsport where we would take ship to an island. Since the ship hadn’t docked yet we visited an inn. I saw an old woman with cards in the corner and approached her to show her the tarot deck we had found. She said to have Devlin take them the vault of Library on Logos. We noticed several people in the crowd had the star badges of the Argent Compact. Oh Mother, neither Whisper nor myself appreciated the boat ride very much. I thought we’d be traveling to Logos where the academy was located but the dropped us off on a strange little island instead. We found out later that we had to pass several tests by working together through dangerous areas. It was very hard and very dangerous work but we managed to find a building in the middle of the swamp that was safe. It was supplied by the Argent Compact. We rested and restocked our supplies and stepped through a door with runes on them. It ported us to a large room. We ended up fighting for our lives against many foes, including wyrmlings, zombies, hellhounds and many more. But when we had finished a man appeared and gave us all our own Argent Compact badges! He then ported us to the academy on Logos. After we were questioned by some instructors, another test, we entered a classroom and discovered that only 50 candidates were left. A dangerous batch of tests indeed.

I’d continue Mother but I’ve been up rather late writing this letter so I must be off to bed so that I’m not too tired to attend the first class.

My love to you and Father and I promise to continue to keep in touch about my time here at the academy.




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