The Argent Compact

Mwangi Expanse and other oddities

Dear Mother,

We decided to head to the Academy museum to do research on our assignment. The exhibit on the Mwangi Expanse was still on display. We learned that the Mwangi Expanse was ruled by a demon lord named Angazhan that looked like a demonic beastial gorilla. It used Tik Tuans which were idols carved from the heartwood of trees filled with tormented monkey spirits. The Jambala tribe of the Mwangi fought against Angazhan and would hunt the Tik Tuans with special knives to destroy them.

But as we entered the museum we were caught off guard by the sight of a dead museum worker and a thick layer of fog through out the museum hallways. Morgan and Anya were affected by some sort of magic that made them act like monkeys. We later remembered a myth about mists that can inhabit people, but at the time we were quite confused. In the Mwangi exhibit the display was over run with monkeys! There was even a dire ape. Orianna and I find one of the Jambala knives on a display further down and grab it before heading into the room. Orianna’s prayers to Selune aided us as we tracked down the Tik Tuans and destroyed them. Unfortunately, the ape and the monkeys were all killed.

Once we were back in our rooms, we noticed that a lot of people were streaming past towards the main building. We decided to go see what was going on. There was an impromptu briefing being held. All the senior staff were present. They’re worried about the brilliant light we had seen the other night. It was an object that had fallen from the sky. The initial report said a crater had formed from the crash and dust and air blast damage had occurred but in a relatively uninhabited area. The senior staff was needed to investigate to determine if this was a controlled event, if so it would be very dangerous. Some students were going to replace staff on missions while others remained at the Academy.

We all met with Gorum to find out where we would be headed. We’re going back to Riddleport. Gorum has several tasks for us there. First, Tillian was investigating murders there where the victims had been found with their tongue and lower jaw missing. The true nature of the killings is still unclear. Some of the victims had thieve’s guild tatoos so we’re going to check the gambling tournament called “cheat the devil” and see if there is true demonic influence or simply illusion involved. Second, we were asked to track down the vials Orianna had seen when we were there before. Third, we’re going to look into the report of the “Riddleport Smudge” above the cypher gate.

We went to meet with Anya at the inn she was staying at to tell her about our mission. The atmosphere was very somber as we entered. Poor Kirik’s body lay on a table. He had a large chest wound and his jaw and tongue were missing. He had been killed in Logos and his body found down near the docks. Was it possible these mutilations were to prevent the clerics from speaking to the dead to find out the identity of the murderer?

Sahir and Morgan went to the Vault of the Fallen to investigate the death of the former holder of Morgan’s AC number. His name was Mondor Frakes. He was originally from Tethir and died near Waterdeep. His body was mutilated the same as the others. Mondor and Tillian had crossed paths back in Calimport at a wizard tower raid. She was found hiding in the tower. She turned over information on the thieve’s guild to help destroy them so her family would be safe and then joined the Argent Compact. After learning about Tillian, Sahir and Morgan convince Burgle to go along with Tillian’s star and keep her under observation.

Orianna was asked to go to Selune’s temple. All the clerics and priests were there. Selune feels something pulling or pushing at her, trying to dislodge her from her domain in the heavens. She is asking all of her clerics and priests to seek the cause, especially any headed north.

More soon, Love Amber



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