The Argent Compact

Meeting the magnificent Archdruid

Dear Mother,

After a few days of rest we attended another class. This time the instructor was a druid! His name was Archdruid Velune and his companion was a mighty bear named Growth. He took us on a journey through a druid circle to a much different place, there was snow on the ground! We met a druid friend of his named Morellia and her companion was a ram named Varathus who was naturally very boisterous about his many accomplishments. She had contacted Velune earlier about some disturbing things she had found. She had found what she thought might be a druid lore stone in an old abandoned village. She had also found several butchered animals. They were very disturbing, Mother, they had strange bits of metal along their bones. Almost as if someone were trying to merge the metal in the bone. We cast detect magic and found an aura that was planar shift in nature. While were out looking at more of these animals the druidic companions came rushing to us saying that the druids needed us. When we got back to Morellia’s camp we discovered that they had been poisoned and the lore stone stolen. It was some sort of poison the archdruid was unfamiliar with. He cast delay poison on himself and Morellia while we tracked down the people who had done this horrible deed. As we followed the tracks we came upon 2 men. They were acting very strangely and had something moving under their skin. We tried talking to them but when they kept giving answers we knew to be false, our cleric Oriana charged them and attacked. During the battle it was discovered that they weren’t human after all but devils. One was a bearded devil and the other an imp. After a tough battle we managed to kill them. The bearded devil’s skin had some sort of room hidden within. We searched the room in case it held the lore stone. It held 2 scrolls written in infernal but had symbols on them that we knew the Argent Compact must be made aware of so I placed them in my bag. We continued to follow the trail and came upon an island with a druid circle in it. There were 3 cultists inside it chanting at an altar that was fouling the center of the circle. We saw that the altar had the same symbol as one of the scrolls and that the lore stone seemed to be on top of it. We tried to sneak up to some rope bridges to cut off their escape by cutting down 2 of the 3. But poor Adolamin made all sorts of noise that caught the attention of the cultists. Morgan tried to run past them to grab the stone but tripped on the bridge. So I told Whisper to fetch the stone while we engaged the cultists. One of the cultists managed to summon a beast that was a poor corrupted unicorn that could only now be called a “hellicorn”. Morgan managed to recover herself and reach the altar before Whisper so I told Whisper to defend her as she returned to shore. We battled the humans and the beast. I prayed to Mielikki to aid me in killing the foul beast so that it might be returned to her light. We killed them all and destroyed the vile altar. As we headed back to the poisoned druids, Morgan handed me the lore stone. Oh Mother, I can only describe the next few moments as magical as I was overwhelmed with all the druidic information held within the stone. It told me exactly what herbs to find and how to prepare them to cure the druids of the poison. When they had recovered we showed them the scrolls and told them what had happened. They recognized the symbols and said the cultists must have been agents from Thay. The other symbol was from the Infernal House of Cheliax. There had been rumors of a shift of politics and power within Thay and that they had been trying to work with infernal magic. Now they had some proof. They said it was infernal magic that was corrupting the animals and that they were behind the assault on the druids. We left the lore stone with Morellia and headed back to the academy.

Love, Amber



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