The Argent Compact

Argent Briefing

Dear Mother,

The next day instead of class we attended an Argent Compact briefing. It was given by Master Gorum. He told us there seemed to be an unnatural number of killings within the thieve’s guild. Many of them where the bodies had the jaw and tongue removed. Morgan than told them she had seen a similar attack on the streets of Riddleport. And that body had a tattoo of the Zandathar guild. There had also been a number of villages across Faerun destroyed and the bodies showed signs that the villager’s had all gone mad. Oriana then remembered the vials she had taken from the street people in Riddleport and gave them to Master Gorum. The archdruid stood and told of a number of druid shrines descrated in the northeast and more animal constructs found. He told them of the suspected connection between the infernals and Thay. Master Gorum said that according to recent intelligence within Thay that there had appeared to have been an alliance made between The House of Thrune and The Church of Azmodeus. There had also been a purge of strong families that appear to have been done to increase the power of the House of Thrune. Drow have appeared to have vanished from surface raids except near Cormanthor, they’re not sure if that is good news or bad.

We the attended a class on history. We all had assignments, our group had to report about the Mwangi Expanse. A southern realm civilization now gone. We thought we remembered an exhibit on them at the museum when we had gone to the office of return and recovery so we headed there to see if it was still up.

On the way a giant streak of light passed over the island.

Hopefully that is not a portent of doom.

Love, Amber



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