The history of Faerun is littered with ancient civilizations that have prospered for centuries before falling into chaos and distant memories. The causes of these collapses are many. Temporal wars between nation states, the rise of and promotion of disparate forms of government or belief, internal revolutions against evil or unjust rulers, ecological or magical disasters brought on from greed or thirst for knowledge and power, the diaspora of refugees from adjacent planes of existence seeking freedom, and diverse pantheons from adjacent planes seeking to gain power and dominance over the world of Faerun are just a few of the reasons for the fall of these ancient civilizations. With each collapse, knowledge and lore are lost under the rubble of time forcing civilization to crawl back out from centuries of darkness time and time again.

150 years ago a few brave and visionary souls led by Aramil the Lionheart banded together and created the Argent Compact to act as a blazing light to fight back the darkness. The Argent Compact acts as a place of negotiation between nations as well a repository of knowledge and faith meant to protect civilization from the ever present threat of darkness.

Join us as we see a new generation pick up the struggle against the darkness and join with their Brothers and Sisters in the Argent Compact…

Dramatis Personae

Sahir ibn Farlas ibn Raasid ibn Mahalash – A human ranger from far al-Qadim

Orianna of Selune – A sun elf cleric of Selune from Evermeet

Adolamin Silentall – An outcast halfling sorcerer of the Abberant bloodline

Amber Moondancer and Whisper – A nomadic moon elf druid from the High Forest and her animal companion

The Argent Compact

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